Almost every weekend Saturday and Sunday we have a normal match day. We often play Team Deathmatch, Defend Bunker or TTT. But also Capture the Flag or King of the Hill is often played with us.


We are also active in the area of MILSIM. Here we make sure that, in addition to the role-playing game, we can also play adapted military movements, among other things. Several times a year, some members attend events throughout Europe. Internally, we also organize our own events on the premises.


Some of us also go to LARP (Live Action Role Play) events. It is more about the factor role play.

The Team

Airsoft Club Munich (A.C.M.) is an airsoft team from the Munich area. We are active since 01.03.2012 and have numerous regular and guest players who regularly participate in match days. Both beginners and advanced players are welcome. We see Airsoft not only as a hobby, but also as a sporting leisure activity. The A.C.M. would like to address also Airsoft-interested under 18 years. So also younger players (from 14 years) get the opportunity to operate Airsoft legally.

We are happy to offer the option of a test match. Prerequisite for players under the age of 18 is the consent of their legal guardians. On comradely and fair behavior is placed with us great value, as well as the security of the game. On our grounds so-called fun games take place almost every weekend. Both individual players and teams are welcome. Despite a certain seriousness, the fun factor is at the center of our attention.

Here a small overview of all active members.


Airsoft has a lot to do with movement and tactics. Among other things, the ability to adjust to changing conditions is required. This is also reflected on our site. Since it is a gravel plant, which is in operation during the week, the appearance of the terrain changes regularly. So we have to constantly adapt to new circumstances. In addition to sandy and pebble mountains, moats, shrubs and grass strips contribute to a varied game experience.

Parts of the terrain can be helped by us. Here the team has created tactical game elements in collaborative work. In addition, different game modes provide additional variety. In the actual playing area we have a covered safe zone furnished. In general, on our site the rule is that only ASGs (Airsoft Guns) with a maximum energy of 0.5 Joule are allowed. Bio-BB duty (no plastic balls) prevails throughout the area.

Play as a Team

Over the years, we have made many contacts throughout Bavaria and like to host daytime games on our premises, often with teams from Bavaria and other federal states. After a successful game, we also like to end the day with a cozy gathering around the campfire. There is also the possibility to spend the night on the grounds, and possibly to realize a night game.

However, the A.C.M. not only active on the "home ground", we also take part in events at home and abroad. We organize carpooling and support players with advice and assistance. Such events are usually released only for adult players. These include fun games, Mil-Sim events and multi-day operations (OPs) in Germany, Austria and the Czech Republic. Unlike our internal games on the site of the A.C.M. Here are mostly ASGs (Airsoft guns) allowed with an energy of over 0.5 Joule.

Play along

If you are wondering what you need to play first, here's a quick guide:

  • tested safety glasses

    (best certified according to STANAG 2920)

  • sturdy footwear

    (Hiking boots, mountain boots etc.)

  • Drink, snacks

  • robust clothes

    (suitable for outdoor activities)

  • 6mm airsoft gun (ASG) with maximum energy of 0.5 Joule

    plus matching battery (Rental equipment available)

  • Bio BB balls in sufficient quantity

Rental gear

You do not have any equipment yet? Then you can borrow for a fee (by arrangement with the team leader) a loan weapon plus organic BBs! In addition, we also provide you with appropriate safety goggles, which is also suitable for people who wear glasses. So you can "get a taste of us" without obligation. In this way, we want to give new players the opportunity to gain some experience first.

When choosing suitable equipment, matching ASGs and related consumables, team members are on hand to help and advise. This way you avoid expensive erroneous purchases...

Currently, two G & G MP5s and one M4 are available for hire, which can be reserved by arrangement and availability.